Sealing Solutions

Greene, Tweed’s Chemraz® 615 exhibits outstanding high temperature properties, with a temperature range from 0°F to 615°F (-18°C to 324°C). Chemraz 615’s chemical resistance and low compression set characteristics combine to out perform tin-cured perfluoroelastomers.

Chemraz 615 shows lower compression set at high temperatures and a higher retained sealing force than other perfluoroelastomers available.

Because Chemraz 615 allows for the use of higher process operating temperatures, it is ideal for a range of markets, from chemical process to petroleum refining. This superior perfluoroelastomer performs well in a variety of fluids such as inorganic and organic chemicals, acids, reagents, heat transfer fluids and hydrocarbons.

Chemraz 615 is available in standard O-rings and custom shapes for a range of equipment, from pumps and valves to agitators and mixers, from mechanical seals and process control instruments to heat exchangers and diagnostic equipment.



Features & Benefits

• Low compression set at continuous temperatures up to 615°F (324°C)
• Ability to handle severe thermal cycles, meaning longer life and lower downtime costs
• Does not stick at high temperatures
• Superior service life in a variety of media, including heat transfer oils
• Excellent chemical resistance


• Mechanical seals
• Process control instruments
• Heat exchangers
• Valves
• Agitators & mixers
• Pumps
• Couplings

Typical Properties

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