CHEMRAZ® 555 Broad Chemical Resistance at Elevated Temperatures


With its broad chemical resistance, Chemraz® 555, a perfluoroelastomer, is ideally suited for challenging fluid handling applications. Chemraz 555 provides a significantly wider operational band and superior compression set resistance than any other broad range perfluoroelastomer on the market. With an upper temperature limit of 600°F (316°C), it is the elastomer of choice for the most demanding services found in the chemical process and refining industries.

Chemraz 555 is suitable for use in a wide variety of media including acids, caustics, aldehydes, esters, ethers, aromatics, hot water, steam, amines, methanol, ketones, TBA, MTBE and mixed process streams. Chemraz 555 is one of Greene, Tweed’s many cost-effective products and services that extend the reliability and life of our customers’ equip- ment in hostile conditions while protecting people and the environment from unwanted emissions.

Chemraz 555 is available in O-rings, gaskets and other custom shapes.



Features & Benefits

• Superior high temperature capability (600°F/316°C) combined with broad chemical resistance in a wide range of media
• Outstanding physical properties allows for robust designs in various applications
• Excellent compression set maintains seal integrity in wide temperature and pressure variations as well as vibration
• Breadth of service capabilities can reduce the number of products in inventory through seal standardization
• Longer and better seal integrity in seal applications lowering life cycle cost of the equipment


• Mechanical seals
• Valves
• Pump housings
• Sampling/metering equipment
• Reactors
• Quick connect couplings
• Mixers
• Controls/instrumentation
• Compressors
• Sprayers/dispensers


The following chart compares compression set resistance of Chemraz® 555 and several other materials currently on the market.

Chemraz 555 Chart

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