Klinger is a world leader in the manufacture of non asbestos calendared sheet materials. The reputation for supplying reliable high quality sheet gasket materials has been built up over many generations and Klinger has been at the forefront, leading by example, with the development of an entire range of non asbestos Klingersil and unique propriety sheet gasket materials to suit all gasket applications.

Klinger applies its patented 3XA finish to the majority of the grades of material it manufactures and supplies, which give the customer the peace of mind that the gaskets used will not result in flange corrosion or adhere to the flange face.

Attention to detail provides the Klingersil range with unsurpassed consistency and performance levels. Testing is performed with a certified system according to International and Australian Quality Assurance Standards. This testing compares results within and across batches, and between Klinger manufacturing companies world wide.

This attention to detail does not only consist of product testing, but also includes continuous R&D, and control of raw materials. When specifying a jointing material do not settle for inferior quality, specify Klinger.

The many and varied demands made on gaskets

The successful operation of a gasket depends upon a multiplicity of factors. Many who use static gaskets believe that the values quoted for maximum admissible temperature and maximum operating pressure are inherent properties or characteristics of gaskets and gasket materials.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The maximum temperatures and pressures at which gaskets may be used are influenced by a large number of factors. Therefore a definite statement of these values for gasket material is not possible.

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