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Our wide range of gasket products for varieties of customers
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Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine, mainly use for cutting of rings for kammprofile gaskets & spiral wound gaskets.

Spiral Wound Machine

Spiral Wound Machine (up to 24″) – For winding up the graphite/PTFE and SS316L windings for spiral wound gasket

Manual Lay Machine

Laying Machine for Kammprofile gasket up to 36″ in size.

Kammprofile Gasket Machine

Fully Automated Kammprofile gasket up to 24″.

Pressing Machine

Pressing Machines will press out the selected material from the required size’s mould. Material: CNAF, Rubber, PTFE & Graphite

Turning Miling Machine

Turning and Miling Machine for sizes from 1/2″ to 12″ for various type of material.

Soft Cut Laser Cutting Machine

Soft Cut Laser Cutting Machine for customization in different sizes and shapes using various materials like Fibre, PTFE, Rubber ETC

Water Jet Cutting Machine

Water Jet Cutting Machine for soft steel and PTFE materials up to 20mmthk of thickness.

Seal Maker

Manufacturing seals of up to 700mm (27.6 inches) in diameter & equipped with an effective 8-position turret for rapid tool change

PMI Machine

PMI (Positive Material Identification) Testing is the analysis of metallic alloy to identify metal composition of products

CNC Lathe Machine

CNC Lathe Machine




Khong Lieng Trading Co Pte Ltd was established in 1972 with a registered office in Singapore. We are in the industry of Marine Offshore, Oil and Gas, Refineries & Power. We are the leading distributor for popular brands like Klinger, Garlock, Valqua, Jeil E&S, JDV, Zuercher Technik, Greene Tweed and Seal Maker.

As customers satisfaction are our utmost priority, we pride ourselves in responding effectively and efficiently to customers’ needs by ensuring that both our customers and our principals are on the same level of understanding so as to achieve optimum benefits for all parties. In order to achieve this, we act as an intermediary between the principals represented by Khong Lieng Trading and the customer. This ensures that we maintain our relationship with our principals and also our customers so that all needs are met.

Every of our staffs is well trained and equipped with the relevant product knowledge to serve our customers well. We possess various facilities that enable us to provide custom fabrication and even odd size ones. From hand-cut gaskets to high volume production runs, we have the flexibility to meet all your needs. We even cater for extended hours production for any emergency needs.


To be a world class manufacturer & supplier of Spiral Wound Gasket, KammProfile Gasket, Soft Cut Gasket, Ring Type Joint Gasket , Insulation Gasket Set and Sealing Solutions in South East Asia through the highest standard of competency, integrity & professionalism.


As a reputable gasket manufacturer, we pursue business efficiency that meets or exceeds clients’ expectations.


We have attained Bizsafe credential thus you can be assured of our credibility when doing business with us.  We have also attained ISO standard thus you can be assured of our product quality.