KLINGER®Maxigraph 104G

Characteristics & main applications

Maxigraph Style 104G gaskets are manufactured from corrugated metallic rings with a lamination of graphite on both sides, thus giving an initial soft seal gasket enabling an effective seal to be obtained at low initial stress levels.

They are a universal gasket for a range of applications but are particularly suited to applications involving narrow flanges or where bolt loads are low. Due to the sealing characteristics of faced corrugated gaskets they are an excellent substitute for CAF gaskets or for corrugated gaskets with asbestos cord rope layers.

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Klinger Maxigraph 104G Metal Core Compressible Sealing Element

General properties

Temperatures from -200 to +450°C

General use to 600 psi For pressures up to 1450 psi please contact Khong Lieng.

Physical properties

Metal core nominal thickness: 0.5 mm (standard), 0.6mm and 0.7mm, before corrugating.

In the delivery condition, the total thickness of a gasket with graphite layers amounts to app. 2.3mm, resulting from the 1.3mm corrugated ring and one layer 0.5 graphite each side

Nominal pitch of corrugations: max. 3mm

Graphite facing thickness: 0.5mm standard and 0.8mm on request

Also available with a U-Shaped Eyelet fitted to the bore and the outside periphery of the gasket. The eyelet fitted to the bore prevents contamination of the process media and protects the graphite from the process media.

Graphite standard purity, >98% graphite, density 1.0g. cm3

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