Characteristics & main applications

The Klinger Style 108 is a rigid laminated gasket consisting of graphite layers bonded to each face of a solid steel core. The Klinger graphite Style 108 gasket was initially designed to provide a high performance, low seating stress gasket replacement to the traditional metal jacketed and compressed asbestos fibre type gaskets utilised on heat exchanger applications.

The core of the Style 108 has the ability to be reused if manufactured from a suitable quality material for the application. Can be laser cut into many configurations to suit various gasket profiles for heat exchangers.

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Benefits of Klinger graphite type 108 gaskets

  • Low seating stress values
  • Excellent sealing characteristics
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Narrow gasket width available
  • Particularly suitable for rectangular or non-round  shapes


Pure exfoliated graphite with a solid steel core. For PTFE lamination consult Khong Lieng.

Typical Specifications

Material: Typical, 316L / Graphite. Various core grades available.

Temperature: -200 to +450°C

Pressure: To 900 psi(62 bar). For pressures up to 1450 psi(100bar) please consult Khong Lieng.

For higher pressure service, refer to the Klinger Maxiprofile 109 gasket.

Thickness: Core: 3.0mm (standard) or as specified by customer. Facing: 0.5mm.

Graphite standard purity, >98% graphite, density 1.0g. cm3

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