These gaskets have excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, are easy to handle and do not harden easily because these gaskets use PTFE as binders. The gaskets do not contain any rubber, and retightening is possible since deterioration with age and hardening does not occur.

With using special methods and materials, these non asbestos sheet gaskets have enhanced brightness level and chemical resistance. These are applicable for both acid and alkali, and have long-term stability for high temperature like GF300 and SF300.

Conforms to the Food Sanitation Act and standards for food and additives.



Suitable fluids Water, seawater, hot water, steam, air, aqueous solution of strong alkaline salt, oils, alcohol, aliphatic solvent and its vapor, air, and general gases
Unsuitable fluids Polymerizable monomer
Applications  Joint sections of cover flanges and nozzles and the like for pipe flanges, valve bonnets, towers & tanks, ovens, pressure vessels and heat exchangers used in various factories including power stations, oil refineries, steel plants and shipyards
Dimensions Width × Length (mm): 1270 x 1270 (t1.5、t3.0)
Color type: white
Print color: no-printed

Design Data

  • Recommended tightening stress
    Tightening stress is defined as the pressure required under standard conditions without consideration to the opening force due to internal fluid.

    Fluid Recommended tightening stress (MPa)
    Liquid 25.5
    Gas 35.0
  • Available ranges
    Temperature and pressure classifications show individual service limits.

    Temperature (°C) Pressure (MPa)
    -200~300 3.5
  • m,y values
    The m, y values for Compressed Fiber Sheets defined in Appendix G of JIS B 8265 can be applied to the m, y values of High Performance Non-Asbestos Sheets.

    Gasket factor
    Minimum design seating stress
    3.0 2.00 11.0
    1.5 2.75 25.5
    1.0 3.50 44.8


  • Free from hardening deterioration and aging due to heat.
  • Retightening is possible as no hardening occurs.
  • Applicable to a wider variety of fluids compared to other Compressed Fiber Sheet.
  • No sticking to flanges.

Stress strain characteristics of High Performance Non-Asbestos Sheet
(Dimension of test piece:JIS 10K 25A t =1.5mm)

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