Sealing elements intended for prevention of solid particles from entering a hydraulic or lubrication system are referred to as wipers or dirt scrapers. There are also scrapers used for preventing liquids from penetrating and sometimes both tasks have to be fulfilled simultaneously. There is usually no hydraulic pressure applied to a scraper. It is imperative to have the scraper in a stable position in the groove, which can be improved by additional axial or radial support.




Scrapers are mostly made out ​​of NBR or PU. PU scrapers are extremely resistant to wear and tear compared to NBR scrapers, so PU scrapers are increasingly used nowadays. Scrapers can also be equipped with a stiffening ring (for example, out of metal) and then pressed into the axial bore holes, instead of the snap-on versions.

Sealmaker Wiper Spec Table

* For technical reasons POM should be used up to a maximum temperature of 80° C only. For higher temperature we recommend Aluminum/Steel.

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