Maxiflex CRIR-108

The Klingermaxiflex CRIR-108 gasket has been specifically developed for use on HF Alkylation Units and other similar applications where corrosion of the flanges presents a real problem.

Traditional Spiral Wound gaskets use either a Monel  or Carbon steel inner ring, which sometimes does not create a seal tight environment between the inner ring and the face of the flange. This could allow small quantities of product to migrate between the inner ring and the flange, thus enhancing the possibilities for corrosion or embrittlement to take place.

The Klingermaxiflex CRIR-108 gasket offers an additional seal on the inner ring which seals and prevents any build up of product which eliminates any corrosion of the carbon steel flanges.

The Klingermaxiflex CRIR-108 is designed to suit Standard and Non Standard flanges and requires no additional bolt stress to compress and maintain a tight seal.

Please consult us for the correct design of these gaskets due to the lamination on the inner ring which can be either expanded graphite or expanded PTFE.

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