PTFE Envelope with insert

Characteristic & main applications

Excellent chemical resistance. PTFE envelope gaskets consist of a suitable filler material insert with a PTFE envelope.

The PTFE envelope protects the gasket from chemical attack. The insert provides the strength and resilience needed for demanding sealing operation. In some cases a steel insert can be incorporated into the seal.

This gasket offers excellent chemical resistance under moderate conditions of temperature and pressure in virtually all media or where bolt load is limited. Well suited to food and pharmaceutical applications.

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Styles Available

Klinger PTFE envelope gaskets are available in 3 different style as below.

Slit Type – 0-500 mm
U-Type – 0-500 mm
Welded Type – 500 to 3000 mm

The slit type is the most economic to produce but can suffer from splitting at the V under load and through erosion.

The U type is machined to suit the thickness of the filler. Although more expensive than the V type it does not split under load and therefore a longer service life can be expected.

The Welded type configuration is used to manufacture PTFE envelopes where it is not possible to machine the gaskets in one piece.

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