The Piston Valves for a General Field of Applications

Nominal Sizes:

DN 10 – 200 (NPS ½” – 8”)

Pressure Range:

PN 6, PN 16, PN 40 and PN 63
Class 150, Class 300 and CWP 900

Temperature Range:

From -196°C up to 400°C

Materials of Body:

Cast iron, spheroidal iron, carbon steel and stainless steel



Flanges acc. To EN 1092-1 and EN1092-2

ANSI 150/300

Female Screwed Ends acc. to ISO 228-1 and NPT-thread ANSI B 2.1

Socked welding ends acc. to EN 12 760 and butt welding ends acc. to EN 12627


Actuators (electro mechanical, pneumatic), heating jacket, etc.

Special Types:

  • Piston valve for fire-safe application
  • Piston valve for TA-Luff (clean air regulation) and EPA application
  • Piston valve for heat transfer media
  • Piston valve for liquid gas
  • Piston valve for steam
  • Regulating piston valve DN 10-50 with regulation piton (KVRKN)
  • Regulating piston valve DN 65 – 200 with regulation lantern bush (KVRLN)

Certificate and Approvals:

  • Fire safety according to API 6FA
  • Type approval acc. To VdTϋV 1065
  • Type approval for tankers (RID/ADR+TRT)
  • Release for oxygen service
  • Conforms to TA-Luft requirements

Other Fluid Instrumentation Products

Tubular Gauge Glass Diameter: 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4”

Length: Maximum 2000mm Compliant to BS3463

Sight Flow indicators Connections: Flanged 1/2” to 4”

ANSI 150# and 300#

Threaded and socket weld up to 2”

Materials: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel

Sleeve Packed Cocks Connection: Threaded and socket weld 1/4” to 3/4″

Materials: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel


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