Flange Band Protectors

  • Designed to cover flanges to protect flange faces, stud bolts, and gaskets from corrosion.
  • Keeps out moisture, chemicals, salt water, acid rain, etc.
  • Keeps out foreign matter, which is critical on systems that are cathodically protected.
  • Available in 316 stainless steel and Kydex plastic.
  • 316 stainless steel worm gear clamp.
  • 316 stainless steel injection fitting.
  • Gasket liner of closed cell neoprene, maximum operating temperature of 82°C.
  • Optional EPDM rubber gasket liner, maximum operating temperature of 132°C.
  • Safety relief valve optional, bleeds at 5 psi.
  • Available for all size flanges.
  • Optional liner of Teflon® or silicone for chemical and high temperature applications.
  • Custom engineered designs available per application.
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