Patent #: 6834862

The pack-RYT system is a unique stuffing box sealing arrangement that for the first time incorporates a bearing and flush channel system together. The advantages of this system are numerous and are listed below for easy reference.


Shaft Stabilization

Equipment sealing reliability is derived directly from stabilizing shafts. The Pack Ryt sealing system brings shafts into concentricity and keeps them there, significantly increasing sealing reliability. Return on investment improvements with Pack Ryt sealing systems are realized with both difficult to seal and everyday sealing applications. Examples of equipment types which present shaft movement that benefit from Pack Ryt sealing technology include:

Agitators – overhung shaft design

Vertical pumps – long shaft, little support

Split Case Horizontals – Middle shaft sag large, slow  equipment – Run-out spiralling leakage as well as any equipment not running at its best efficiency point.

Water Conservation

Use of the Pack Ryt sealing system guarantees a substantial reduction of flush water used. Due to very close clearances between bearing and sleeve, water entry to the process is severely throttled. This throttling is inherent and automatic.

Pack Ryt’s do not require flow meters to reduce flow.

Energy Conservation

The Pack Ryt system draws the same or less amps than a single mechanical seal on the same or identical pump.

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