STARTEC® 9320-OS Gasket

Glass Reinforced Epoxy Faced Metal Plate with PTFE Seal Gasket

STARTEC® 9320-OS provides excellent solution for electrical flange insulation and generally used for high -pressure services. It is installed in the connection of dissimilar flange materials where protection of electrical corrosion desired.

Attached Spring Reinforced PTFE Seal on Glass-Reinforced Epoxy performs superior sealing ability for low-pressure service.



STARTEC® 9320-OS Cross Section


  • Metal Core– Attached Stainless Metal Core between Glass Reinforced Epoxy performs superior sealing ability and reinforced insulation characteristic in high pressure. (Max ASME Class 2500). Standard core Material is Stainless Steel 316L and other special material options are available depend on client requests.
  • Sealing Material -The laminate material of STARTEC® 9320-OS is composed with Glass Reinforced Epoxy (NEMA LI-1 G10, G11) for excellent insulation. It protects from leakage on over tightening bolt and penetration of fluids induced erosion with deformation.
  • Spring Reinforced PTFE Seal – The selection of sealing material is critical and should be considered its reliability such as each chemical fluid characteristic, temperature and pressure etc.It is designed for safety from environmental aggressive sealing situation of damages and deformation. Specially, STARTEC® 9320-OS is minimized Cold Flow by attaching reinforced spring (Stainless Steel) on PTFE Seal. Reliable sealing in using micro-vibration or deformation by loosening bolts is available.

Advantages of STARTEC® 9320-OS
A. Superior Sealing and Insulating ability.
B. High Pressure (Max ASME Class 2500)
C. Excellent Isolation using NEMA LI-1 G10, G11.
D. Protection for electrical corrosion in dissimilar metals.
E. High strength of sealing retainer prevents damages from excess compression.
F. Easy installation and disassembly.
G. Available for Ring Joint Flange and Raise Face Flange

Hydro Test Result
– 600LB 2” Raise Faced Flange, Hydraulic 180 kgf/cm***: 360 hours No Leak

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