STARTEC® 9320-OFS: Fire Safe Gasket

Metal Reinforced Epoxy Plate with fire Safety Double Seal Gasket

STARTEC® 9320-OFS is specially invented for raised concern in the event of a fire where existing high pressure fluid line of electrical isolation. Reinforced unique double sealing structure will compensate for the possible risk of a fire, threaten properties caused by non-metallic sealing performance.

Suitable for off shore industry and project purpose where mandatory required to prevent second damage from fluids leakage likely happen to high risk or explosion caused by a fire.



STARTEC® 9320-OFS Cross Section


  • Metal Core  Inserted metal core on both surfaces of Glass Reinforced Epoxy, it designed to support in high pressure rate of Max ASME 2500 and can withstand to applying the condition. Standard core Material is Stainless Steel 316L and other special material options are available depend on client requests.
  • Glass Reinforced Epoxy Plate  The laminate material of STARTEC® 9320-OFS is composed with Glass Reinforced Epoxy (NEMA LI-1 G10, G11), which shown stable insulation and leakage safety during over tightening. Excellent protect from the interferences of fluids penetration including erosion with deformation.
  • Spring Reinforced PTFE Seal  The selection of sealing material is important and requires considering its reliability such as each chemical fluid characteristic, temperature and pressure etc. It is highly designed for safety from environmental aggressive sealing situation of damages and deformation. Specially, STARTEC® 9320-OFS is minimized Cold Flow by attaching reinforced spring (Stainless Steel) on PTFE Seal. Reliable sealing in using micro-vibration or deformation by loosening bolts is available.
  • Serrated Metal Gasket with STARPITE®– The secondary seal of serrated metal gasket with reinforced STARTEC® Insulating layer shall minimize the leakage damage after the primary PTFE sealing and glass reinforced epoxy have melted by the fire in the high temperature. Standard core Material is Stainless Steel 316L and other special material options are available depend on client requests.

Advantages of STARTEC® 9320-OFS
A. Stable sealability and insulation performance on severe condition
B. Reinforced metal core applicable on ASME Class 2500 with
C. Better compressive strength and heat resistance by using NEMA G11
D. Protection for electrical corrosion in dissimilar metal connection.
E. High strength of sealing retainer prevents damages from excess compression.
F. Easy installation and disassembly.
G. Stable performance with double sealing structure of serrated gasket.
H. Certifying API 6FB Fire Test (See Chapter 5 API 6FB Fire Test Result)

Hydraulic Test Result of STARTEC® 9320-OFS
– 600LB 2” Raise Faced Flange, Hydraulic 180kgf/㎠ : 360 hours No Leak

API 6FB Fire Test

The Fire test according to API 6FB(dated December 2008) requires that any sealing end connection hold 30 minutes in a flame condition and then for a cool down period. After the assembly is cooled down to 100℃ or less the line is depressurized and then re-pressurized. During all facets of the test the gasket must not exceed an API proscribed leak rate.

In the fire test a 6” Class 300 flange is pressurised with a test pressure of 75% of the API rated working pressure. The Test pressure is maintained during the burn and cool-down period. After 5 minutes a fire is established and the flame temperature is monitored. The average of the thermocouples must reach 760℃ within 2 minutes and the average of the calorimeter shall reach 650℃ within 15 minutes. The burn period shall last for 30 minutes. After the burn period the connection is air-cooled down to 100℃ or less. After cooling down the flange is depressurized and the pressure is increased again to the test pressure and held for 5 minutes.

The maximum leak rate is 1 ml/inch per minute of mean gasket circumference.
– Leak rate acceptance Criteria : Max 1.0 ml/inch/min
– 9320-OFS Leak rate Result : 0.2 ml/inch/min

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