STARTEC® 9230-ES Gasket

Seal Material Laminated Epoxy Flange Gasket

STARTEC® 9230-ES is designed for Medium-pressure service gasket, which is required on electrical insulation and prevent from electrical corrosion where connected with dissimilar metals, and protect flange face damages by low pressure.

To enhance sealing ability and isolation performance, Glass Reinforced Epoxy is reinforced on both surface of sealing Material. Considering applicable Line, specified Elastomer material is adaptable and both Full Face and Flat Ring types are available upon request.



STARTEC® 9230-ES Cross Section


  • Sealing Retainer -STARTEC® 9230-ES retainer is constructed of Glass Reinforced Epoxy laminates and shows excellent dielectric strength and protect the leakage from high pressure, deformation of exterior fluid and inflow.
  • Sealing Material  Sealing Material is the most important factors, which defines the sealing ability and should consider each chemical characteristic, temperature and pressure condition. Furthermore, it designed by circumstance damages and deformations for proper sealing.The sealing retainer of STARTEC® 9230-ES is excellent in minimizing outside fluid contamination and inflow
  • Benefits of STARTEC® 9230-ES
    A. Superior Sealing ability for Medium pressure (Class 150~600) Line
    B. High strength of Sealing retainer prevent damages from excess compression
    C. Excellent insulation performance
    D. Protection for electrical corrosion in dissimilar metals.
    E. Protection for damage of Facing surfaces
    F. Easy installation and disassembly
    G. Stable Sealability at irregularities and unevenness flange surface
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