LEAKBLOK® Premium P100

Compressed Asbestos-Free Gasket

LEAKBLOK® Premium P100 gasket is made of Aramid Fiber and NBR Binder. It is suitable for portable water, oils, fuels, salt solution, mild acids & alkalis and gas line.



Material Properties

Color Green(Black Printed)
Composition Aramid Fiber + NBR Binder
Fluids Service Portable Water, Oils, Fuels, Salt Solution, Mild acids and alkalis, gas line
Pressure Short-term peak
60bar(870 psi)
Temperature Continuous
-50°C (-58°F) ~ 180°C (356°F)
Short-term peak
-100℃(-148°F) ~ 260℃(500°F)
pH range 4-11
Thickness(mm) 0.8 ~ 3.2
Size(mm) 1270(W)×1270(L), 1500(W)×1500(L)
Available in Rolls.
Certificates Lloyd’s & ABS Type Approval , TA-Luft(VDI 2440), WRAS Fire Endurance Test(ISO 19921 & 19922)

Service Range

Area A Satisfactory area subject to chemical compatibility
Area B Usually suitable but required technical recommend by Khong Lieng
P×T(Max) psi ×°F(bar×°C) / 309,720(10,800)

Physical Properties

Test Method Description LEAKBLOK® P100
ASTM D792 Density (g/cm3)  1.9
ASTM F152 Tensile Strength Across grain.
MPa (kgf/mm2)
Procedure J
Compressibility (%)
Recovery (%)
DIN 3535 – 6 Gas permeability (ml/min) ≤ 0.01
DIN 52913 Relaxation Stress(MPa)
-50MPa 16 hours @175°C
VDI 2440
Leak rate
( mbar·l /(s·m) )
-at 150°C 48 hours

Immersion Properties

Test Method
Description LEAKBLOK® P100
at 150°C×5hrs
ASTM Oil no 3
Thickness Increase (%) 4
at 20~30°C×5hrs
Thickness Increase (%)
Weight Increase (%)

Gasket Design Data

Thickness (mm) Gasket Factor (m) Min. Design Seating Stress(y)
Kgf/cm2 (psi)
3.2 2.00 112(1600)
1.6 2.75 260(3700)
0.8 3.50 457(6500)

* All data are 1.5mm thickness typical value.

Innovative technology, LEAKBLOK® , absolutely distinguished from the traditional way of calendar roll production.

It specially invented with environmentally friendly solvent free process.

Compare with previous product, it shows strong durability and superior at low seating stress.

Suitable for use Low pressure steam and clean line, excellent protection of fluid contamination.


  • Not available with max. temperature & pressure at the same time.
  • Guide line only, if outside this range contact us.
  • Do not re-use gaskets unless this is specifically indicated.
  • Do not use gasket compounds with gasket as this will adversely affect performance.
  • Please consult with Khong Lieng for application of steam & explosive gas line especially.
  • Please consuit to maximum length with Khong Lieng’s sales team.
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